Caitlin holds a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art.
She makes comics, illustrations, tiny video games, & short animations.

Caitlin co-created & co-wrote “Buck n’ Lou & the Night Crew” with Tara Helfer for Nickelodeon’s 2014 Animated Shorts Program. The short is currently offline- check back soon to watch it!

(poster by Tara Helfer)


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AVAILABLE NOW! FROM BOOM! Box: JONESY, a new comic book about love and mischief, by Sam Humphries, Caitlin Rose Boyle, Mickey Quinn & Brittany Peer!!!
All 12 issues are now out.
Find your local comic shop to pick up Vol. 1 of JONESY, or purchase a copy on amazon!

Vol. 2 is now available for pre-order! 

Jonesy is a self-described “cool dork” who spends her time making zines nobody reads, watching anime, and listening to riot grrrl bands and 1D simultaneously. But she has a secret nobody knows. She has the power to make people fall in love! Anyone. With anything. She’s a cupid in plaid. With a Tumblr. There’s only one catch—it doesn’t work on herself. She’s gonna have to find love the old-fashioned way, and in the meantime, figure out how to distract herself from the real emotions she inevitably has to face when her powers go wrong…”

Preview the first 5 page of JONESY #1 below!!

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Caitlin is actively posting artwork on sadsadkiddie.tumblr.com, and occasionally on twitter as @rattusRose.

Contact caitlin.rose.boyle(at)gmail.com for commission or collaboration inquiries.