An Itty Bitty Summoning is an unofficial sequel to Itty Bitty Teenie Punks.

A group of teenage friends with a deadly craving meet under the full moon, ready to make the ultimate sacrifice- in search of snacks.

18 pages, black & white, drawn between April & September 2013.

The entire comic is available to read below- if you would like a copy for your e-reader, it’s available for purchase as a PDF on gumroad.

Drawn in photoshop.

TP_FrontCover TP_summons1 TP_summons2 TP_summons3 TP_summons4

TP_summons5 TP_summons6 TP_summons7 TP_summons8 TP_summons9 TP_summons10 TP_summons11 TP_summons12 TP_summons13 TP_summons14 TP_summons15 TP_summons16 TP_summons17

If you’d like to own a pdf copy, please visit my gumroad page!