The following comics were drawn between fall of 2013 and the summer of 2014 – they are all short form, and are largely autobiographical unless indicated otherwise.

"Never Ever" (July 2014)
“Never Ever” (July 2014)
"Rabbit's Lives" (August 2014)
“Rabbit’s Lives” (August 2014)
"Sensing a Pattern" (November 2014)
“Sensing a Pattern” (November 2014)

"Pretzel Wars" (May 2014)
“Pretzel Wars”
(May 2014)
"Night of the Pixel Punks" (February 2014)
“Night of the Pixel Punks”
(February 2014)
"Big Furry Babies" April 2014) Autobio
“Big Furry Babies”
April 2014)

"Bus Brusher" (May 2014)
“Bus Brusher”
(May 2014)